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Soundtracs In Line : IL36 and IL48




(Beat that Mr Mackie !) You want to move one? 4832 frame size weighs in at 240 KGs (6 men to lift ); 3632 frame size weighs in at 190 Kgs (4 men to lift) : this is no Behringer Eurodesk!


In Line 36/32/36

March 2008: Just installed a huge 2.6m IN LINE 48 at PMC studios in Plymouth: Local legend producer "The Doc" has been struggling on for years with a Mackie 8 buss but at last has fulfilled his dreams... We await his sonic reaction !!

2007: I sold an IN LINE 36 to Jamie Masters over Bicester Way, he and his Dad have done a really good job on the control room, heres a terrific pic of the IL which he loves (below)

Well we can see whos in charge here !! Arttur's Cat Shelf in Finland, please have a look at his web site Studio Water Castle I didnt think cats liked water much ?

How do you fancy yourself behind one of these beauties!!

Here is an In Line 48 recieving a long awaited respray : we do every colour as long as its mat black !

November 2008: This Soundtracs In Line 48 went out to Andre's studio Hautregard Recording in Liege. He already had an In Line 36 but loves it so much he opted for a 48 version. This one is refurbed and ready to rock for another ten years, he says he just couldnt run his business without a decent analogue console; please see his Myspace site

Please check out Henrick's site, a proud In Line user from Denmark

Did you know Walter Becker (Steely Dan) used to have a SOUNDTRACS IN LINE 48 ?

From SOUND ON SOUND: "Donald Fagen and Walter Becker on the recent Steely Dan tour... "I have a Soundtracs IL48 desk, two Sony 3324 digital machines and a Pro Tools rig for..." Click here for more

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