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The Soundtracs Jade - The Top of the Analogue Tree




SOUNDTRACS JADE 48 CONSOLE : Pic courtesy of Phil Croft studios Birmingham :

This was Soundtracs' "flagship" analogue console which finished

production in 1996 ,I guess the most famous users were ABBA as his

engineer Mike Tretow , had one in his home studio

please see

And he still has it !!



And theres no reason why these vintage consoles won't be going just

as well in 2026.. (32, 40 AND 48 VERSIONS AVAILABLE)


More Specs:

EQ specs:

Monitor EQ :


B" EQ ? "

......which combats the effects on non-linearity in music and ear at the extremes of the audio spectrum. With the FdB Parametric equaliser the 4 band EQ gently increases its gain from 15dB to 20 dB as the filter is swept . The result is superior and more effective equalisation at 20 KHz and 20 Hz" Well - you cant argue with that !

Original Soundtracs Jade sales brochure:

Click to enlarge

Mick still loves the flexibility of a large analogue console to run sessions with ease. See Micks wonderful studio in the heart of Cambridgeshire. Micks Studio

and not forgetting Tom in Cumbria, a Jade fan with a great studio with wonderful scenic views of the Cumbrian countryside Tom's Jade

Also please check out the beautiful Yellow shark studios in Cheltenham


Back to the UK...


Of course the Levellers down in Brighton have had a Jade since new <, we took out Tom Robinsons old CM4400 ( where did that one go?) and put in a lovely Ms Jade 48. They use it all the time under the stewardship of Al Scott , legendary Brighton producer:

Levellers web site


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